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I have a different question, how can I reach you?

Please reach us via [email protected]. Our friends will answer your email as soon as possible. 

Can I withdraw my film?

Yes, you can. Please check the [email protected]

Can I have a refund for my submission fee?

No, each service and submission fee is non-refundable.

I am one of the winners, do I have a right to get a discount code for an exclusive interview?

Yes, you have a 50% discount code right if you are one of the Europe Film Festival U.K. winners.

Can you remove my critique review or exclusive interview?

Yes, we can, please reach us via [email protected]

How long does it take to get a critique review?

Approx 10 business days.

What is the maximum film length for the film submissions?

Short films: 40 minutes. Feature Films: 240 minutes.

Can I submit multiple films?

Yes, you can.

How can I submit?

Europe Film Festival U.K. (EFFUK) accepts submissions on FilmFreeway.