Lilibeth Taveras

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Europe Film Festival U.K. spoke exclusively with Lilibeth Taveras

What gave you the inspiration to produce this story?

Everyone has their own strategies to get opportunities, mine was to produce a short film where I could act and show what I am capable of doing by showing my performance as an actress to the world, as well as to show my talent to the people in the film industry.

What makes a film great for you?

It has to have a great story, the direction must be amazing, and the sensitivity of the actors so that they can project all the feelings, thoughts, and the essence of the character. All these elements together are what make up a phenomenal.

What is your opinion is the most important quality of an actress?

Always be willing to learn and listen to the direction, also by listening to everything around the scene so that the acting is more natural. A good actor should be a huge fan of learning, consuming new knowledge, and being a good observer of other people because acting is an internal process.