Europe Film Festival UK will not be held until further notice due to the recent earthquake in southeast Turkey and northwest Syria, which has devastated our organization. We are open to offers from those who wish to continue our legacy.

Festival & Events Venues – London

Europe Film Festival UK is in the process of forming a Business Partnership led by PAN Productions LTD. With the guidance of the incorporated association of LFA (Local Film Awards) we are expanding our film competition with a series of screening events in collaboration with local Film Clubs. Babel...

Short Films about Women and Children, EFFUK & PekDer

Europe Film Festival U.K. (EFFUK) continues its social responsibility projects. In this particular project, we are happy to announce a collaboration with Peksimet Education and Culture Association (PekDer) from Turkey. Peksimet Education and Culture Association has helped the development of hundreds of children between the ages of 4 and 16...

Wheel Gone Kid Three And A Half-Plane Stupid

Directed by Matt Holt The way the characters communicate with each other and the fluency of the scene's visual feast is in the foreground. A very gripping and entertaining storyline. In other words, the short film brought to the stage the subjects of making money easily and losing it funny....

Last five days for the annual event!

Europe Film Festival’s annual event and screening will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 23rd of August from 8 pm to 10 pm. Award-winner short film screenings, certificate presenting to filmmakers, and perfect networking opportunities! Tickets: You can also buy tickets at the door. Location: Amsterdams Marionetten Theater The screening list...

Sonja Schütz, Sabine Schütz

BEST DOCUMENTARY "To speak is to live" directed by Sonja Schütz, Sabine Schütz

Exclusive Interview: Patrick J. A. Knight / Director & producer of ‘ANKH’

Hi, first of all, congratulations, you are one of the winners of the Europe Film Festival U.K. What do you feel? Thank you so much! It is the very first time that I have been awarded for my creative and artistic work. I  am therefore extremely honored that my very...

Majid Farhangdoost

BEST SHORT ANIMATION FILM "Vaky and Visy" directed by Majid Farhangdoost in THE WINNERS OF THE MARCH (2022) SESSION in AWARD WINNERS

Lilibeth Taveras

Europe Film Festival U.K. spoke exclusively with Lilibeth Taveras What gave you the inspiration to produce this story? Everyone has their own strategies to get opportunities, mine was to produce a short film where I could act and show what I am capable of doing by showing my performance as...