Exclusive interview with Les Nordhauser, Executive Producer of PARADOX

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What gave you the inspiration to get involved to PARADOX?

I was drawn to the series PARADOX because of the story it tells, the way it was filmed, and the people involved.

What is your exact role in PARADOX?

I am currently a Co-Executive Producer on the project. I am helping to move the project forward through financing and distribution. Once that is in place, I plan to get more involved in both the creative aspect as well as the production itself.

Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture? Do you feel that being a creative person requires that you give back or tell a particular story or not do something else? Why or why not?

I think filmmakers do have a responsibility to culture. Whether it is where they do the filming or the story they tell, it is important to be cognizant of the local culture as well as its relevance to world culture. I don’t think that there is a requirement to tell a particular story. Rather, I think it is important to tell a story that moves you, as a filmmaker and as a human being.

Can PARADOX find its spot in the international market?

I think that in today’s market, Paradox should be seen in the international market, most likely with a streamer.

What are the potential challenges for PARADOX?

The challenges for Paradox can also be the positive points. Greece is a relatively small country. Not many Films and Television series from Greece are seen globally. This can be a great opportunity.