Europe Film Festival U.K. spoke exclusively with Eve Zhao

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a Film Director/actor/actress? Sensitivity, among all others, is the most crucial and fundamental quality an actor ought to possess in my opinion. This traces back to what an actor does in essence. Like all other artists, an actor’s job is...

Exclusive interview with Les Nordhauser, Executive Producer of PARADOX

What gave you the inspiration to get involved to PARADOX? I was drawn to the series PARADOX because of the story it tells, the way it was filmed, and the people involved. What is your exact role in PARADOX? I am currently a Co-Executive Producer on the project. I am helping to...

Europe Film Festival U.K. in Amsterdam


Paul Darroch

BEST DIRECTOR in SHORT FILM "One Night in Flanders" directed by Paul Darroch in THE WINNERS OF THE JANUARY (2022) SESSION in JURY DIAMOND AWARDS

Europe Film Festival U.K. spoke exclusively with Tam Tran

Hi, first of all, congratulations, you are one of the winners of the Europe Film Festival U.K. What do you feel? Hello everyone! I am very excited about it. Many thanks to the organizers of this event. I feel really honored and humbled to be the winner in the category...

Social Responsibility, EFFUK Jan – Feb (2022) Winners

Social responsibility: EFFUK this term will contribute to tree planting as a social responsibility on behalf of winners. Together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.