Bizzarro e Fantastico

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Directed by Kris Krainock

The two main characters, the magnificent magical moments of the cities, magical messages conveyed to the universe. The bewilderment when he learns that his intruder is actually death, which he could never have predicted…

The way the characters communicate with each other and their ability to change places in an atmosphere of magic has come to the fore quite emphatically and beautifully. In other words, this short film is like a lecture. His messages are striking and the language used is humorous. The idea and the process are beautiful and gripping. The scene transitions are cute and mysterious.

In such a project, the priority is internal and external evolution, the relationship between life and death in the development part, the change of the intention of the intruder with developments, and the pleasant messages given to the audience at the same time… For this reason, the director tries to deepen the relations of life and death, expectations and disappointments from life, hope, and anxiety.

We can’t know the duration of life, but the universe can see and reward real and unrequited help and good intentions, the message is like the mystery of truth.