Creeped Out

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Directed by Matt Holt

The director in this short film; in a beautiful and humorous way, reflected that the instincts of protection are sometimes blended with really buffoonery results and the importance of being really careful in neighborly relations. The scene transitions and connections backed this up but also did a good job of highlighting how stupidity can cause problems for a person. It also encouraged the audience to think about what the humorous language tells.

While the humorous way of communicating with each other is in the foreground, the transitions of curiosity, self-seeking approach, surveillance, and protection are reflected on the stage. In other words, the short film actually brings the true face of stupidity and buffoonery to the screens.

The action and funny transition scenes preferred by the director have been the most important element in this equation. The idea and process are elegant and thought-provoking while making you laugh.